Media Buying

Multi-Channel Ads

Have lots of content, but not sure what to do with it? MMG work with our programmatic ad partners to help deliver your brand across multiple platforms, in a single campaign.

Using a single ads campaign, MMG can send your ad to your target audience on one device, then retarget on another. For example, we’re able to advertise to a user through an on-demand TV ad, then play your ad again to them a week later on your target audience’s favourite podcast.

Across a dynamic campaign, our team can endlessly retarget users throughout their discovery journey, that way you’ll be top of mind.

Need content made? The MMG team can work with you to deliver a creative message across CTV, audio, digital videos, website display and native article ads. With so many options for programmatic advertising, talk to our team today!

Thinking about marketing for your brand? Leave a message for our team and we'll help you reach engaged audiences, tailored to your business!