Media Buying


Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) is on the rise! What was the fastest-growing channel in 2019, has accelerated in 2020 with a 48% increase in viewership during lock-down as people experienced more down-time. This trend is not expected to slow down and BVOD is just one form of On Demand advertising:

  • SVOD – Subscription Video-On-Demand requires the audience to pay a time-based subscription in order to access video content. For example, Netflix.
  • AVOD – Advertising-Based Video-On-Demand is closely linked to BVOD. It is usually a free service where adverts are shown before and during content. However, AVOD is a broader definition and includes channels with lower quality or User Generated Content. For example, YouTube.
  • TVOD – Transactional Video-On-Demand relates to the purchase or rent of a program or movie on a one-off basis, rather than providing access to a full network of content. For example, iTunes.

The reason why On Demand is so popular and has achieved such high results is that it is a highly visible and impactful for of advertising. On Demand is digital-based which means that advertising is data driven and targeted. Audiences are also likely to be at 'arms-length' away from the screen, ready to search your business if they like what they see.

However, entering this market is not an easy process, so let us help you!