Audio & Video

Scripting & Story Boarding


Behind every great commercial is a great script. It’s the framework for your campaigns story, whether you chose to make a radio ad, television ad or an online ‘how to’ video, the script is what ties it all together. It brings together all the elements required to ensure the key message is communicated.

At MMG, we write scripts for huge array of Tasmanian local companies for both radio and television, and combine them with great voice actors, to bring their scripts to life.

Story Boarding

A storyboard is a visual representation of how a video or story will play out scene by scene. They can be used to help explain a complex commercial or information video, and help instruct actors or film crew what angles and shots will be required.

It can also help business owners understand how an ad will look before the ad is put into production and help editors understand what the client is after.

If you’re interested in us coming up with some ideas for your next film, video, information video or tv commercial, get in touch with us.

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