Steve's Liquor Warehouse

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Pushing the Limits of eCommerce

Steve's Liquor Warehouse’s website is a full e-commerce website powered by our custom Content Management System (CMS) with over 6,000 products and tens of thousands of varieties within its database.

To meet Steve's Liquor Warehouse's brief, we created a custom eCommerce website that delivered an integrated product solution, connecting the website to the point-of-sale (POS) system in-store. This system keeps both products and stock information updated in real-time. Our custom CMS harnesses the power and reliability of APIs, allowing the website and the POS to work together and automate processes for the client.

Key Website Features

- Performance & Efficiency

The website is directly linked with the client's own database, allowing it to instantly update stock numbers and stock locations on an hourly, or daily, basis.

Impressively, the system created by our development team can process a storage update for over 10,000 varieties of items within one-tenth of a second.

- Empowering Local Franchises

Steve's Liquor is a Tasmanian-based franchise that is rapidly expanding into mainland Australia. Inventories on stock are managed store-by-store, which added a technical challenge to our developers to create a website that considered local changes in stock, price, and orders.

For example, everything from orders, shipping, payment, storage update, price, promotions, and even discounts act differently among their independent stores.

Now, when a customer updates their store location, the content of the website will automatically update itself to show these different items and prices, as well as accurately reflect the available stock.

- Multi-store

Using our new platform, users can always be in the right store using reliable Google APIs to ask users their location. Once prompted, the user can switch to a different store, with different promotions, banners and website content.

Growing Customer Reach

Having a great website, however, is only the start. To ensure customers find and utilise the website, you need to make sure they know about it! MMG works alongside Steve’s Liquor Warehouse to promote their website and specials both online via Facebook promotions and eNewsletters. Through our talented team, we can also deliver an integrated marketing campaign through Television Commercials and Radio Advertising.