Shop Tasmania

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As a marketing company, Media Marketing Group saw the need for an online marketplace that would allow large and small businesses alike an equal playing field on the internet, and thus Shop Tasmania was born!

A New Tasmanian Brand

Shop Tasmania’s logo is inspired by the iconic Tasmania tiger and blends its stripes with a barcode design to create a clear representation of shopping in Tasmania.

To complement the logo, we utilise a charcoal background, along with bright colours, that makes the Hobart imagery used in our promotional material really ‘pop’.

A New Shopping Experience

The online marketplace offers a new advertising opportunity to businesses to be able to promote their offers and products, and even sell directly through the website with our online shopping cart. The website is promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Television and Google Ads, and is created with best SEO practises, to ensure the website is attracting traffic from all over Tasmania and beyond.

Mobile App

The online market is constantly changing, and to keep up with these changes, Shop Tasmania is always looking for new opportunities. The launch of the Shop Tasmania App now allows consumers access to all the latest Tasmanian offers at a click of a button. It allows users to access all website functions, receive notifications, and locate stores with offers closest to them as they travel around Tasmania.