Salamanca Fresh

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The new identity of Salamanca Fresh seeks to connect the city’s consumers with the farmer, bringing the countryside to the stores. An experience that combines the freshness and quality of the food coming from the producer with the comfort and convenience of the urban life. The new visual identity highlights the colours, textures, and materials of nature itself. The icon and logo reinforce the idea that everything comes straight from the earth. The storytelling in our television ads and recipe section on the website helps people to understand the varieties and usability of each product. For example, by explaining which tomato works best for which homemade sauces versus which one you would rather put in your salad!

Fresh Website

The online presence of a business is so important in this digital age. However, with Salamanca Fresh, we had to rethink the consumer experience to deliver an intimate, useful, and informative website by forging connections between their suppliers and local communities.

From us to you

We worked closely with Salamanca Fresh Managers and suppliers to strategise the communication of the store’s refreshed look and brand campaign ‘From us to you’. We managed the audio and visual production from start to finish – including on-site filming and photoshoots. All created here in Tasmania.