Natures Works

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Natures Works is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business specialising in health and speciality foods, with 11 stores Statewide. Natures Works competes with larger grocery chains and offers a huge range of Tasmanian and Australian health food products. With so much to offer, they needed someone in their corner that would help them reach out and inform the public of their amazing products and services. That’s where we come in.

We’ve worked with Natures Works on a wide range of marketing campaigns from television and radio campaigns, right through to Google advertising and eCommerce website development.

Store number 12 – eCommerce Website

Natures Works is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business. Starting with five stores in 1991, Natures Works have grown over the decades and now boast over 10 stores across Tasmania. MMG were engaged to deliver the guys at Natures Works with store number 12, their online e-Commerce website. Ranging over 7,000 products, Natures Works latest store operates 24/7, allowing customers from all over Australia to enjoy Natures Works’ premium products delivered right to their door.

A new look – modernising Natures Works TV Commercials

Our in-house production team has been working with Natures Works to produce high quality television advertisements for years. We have loved bringing Natures Works into the fun, active 21st century by branding their ads with vibrant, colourful, and eye-catching content. Utilising clever visuals and catchy music, these new ads bring vitality to a brand that focuses on the health and well-being of all Tasmanians.