Christian Homes Tasmania

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Christian Homes Tasmania Inc. (CHT) is a large organisation focused on bringing support to the elderly population of Tasmania through their Retirement Villages, Independent Living Units and Home Care services.

CHT Wesbite Design & Development

Christian Homes Tasmania (CHT) where looking to develop a user friendly website that focused on information, professionalism and tenant happiness. They understood no one wants to live in a retirement home, but they wanted to ensure anyone looking for options for aging support that CHT were the people to contact. The website also needed to draw upon their new logo and styleguide for tone and pallet.

Developing the website took a lot of back and forth communication, with visual designs being developed for approval prior to coding and development. The end result is a beautiful website that is easy to navigate featuring CHT main services and has a positive, friendly feel. MMG and CHT have received lots of positive feedback in regards to the website.

MMG also put together full website documentation for CHT, so they could update the website themselves with new content.

Facebook Campaign

CHT approached MMG to work with them on expanding their online presence through Facebook, particularly focusing on the Home Care Services. The key concept was to show customers all the things they could be doing while CHT staff would take care of all the tedious errands. Thus visuals centred around chilling out and spending time with the family.

Annual Report for 2020-21

We also worked developed and printed their Annual Report for 2020-21, based on documents supplied by the client. This required good communication skills to ensure the information was correct and displayed in an informative and stylish manner. The client was very happy with the final product.