It's TV, but not as you know it - broadcast on-demand advertising

By Rick Bennett
Published 08/10/2021

Wow, what a year 2020 has been to date and haven’t we seen some changes of what we now do in life!

Some of these changes have been our TV viewing habits that finds most of us flicking between TV platforms as an activity when we have been stuck at home.

One Minute our audience is on free-to-air, then on 7Plus then they flick to Netflix, SBS on Demand or even Kayo Sports the next, as our demand for content grows.

7Plus I hear you say! What is that?

7Plus is part of the digital TV medium commonly known as Catch Up TV

In short, it refers to TV viewed on a computer, mobile device, Connected TV or set-top box.

As the name advocates, it’s normally viewed after the original on-air date.

In Australia, this includes platforms like 7plus, 9Now, SBS on Demand and 10 Play. This is not the same as Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), which are viewing platforms such as Netflix, Stan and Disney+.

We originally saw Catch Up TV hit the Australian media landscape in the late 2000’s with the launch of ABC’s iView. From there we have seen the other major broadcasters gradually introduce their own offerings over the following decade. 7Plus, 9Now and 10Play are some to name a few.

So, are these platforms being used?

Recent ThinkTV figures suggest that Catch Up TV or Broadcast Video On-Demand (BVOD) consumption is currently up 26% compared to pre-lockdown numbers.

BVOD has the ability to tailor your message and your budget, and it’s also a great way for brands to gather attention during this challenging period.

Like most new mediums, Catch Up TV started off small however recent numbers tell us this is no longer a niche medium.

In fact, data shows that 23.5% of Australians watch BVOD every week, that’s around 6 million people and the medium continues to experience spectacular growth.

During 2019, the total hours spent watching BVOD increased by 35% in the first half of the year, compared to the six months before.

National advertising revenue for this medium increased by 38.9% from January to December 2019. (Source: Australian Financial Review Max Mason Media and marketing editor 5th February 2020)

As previously mentioned from ThinkTV data, BVOD consumption has only increased further during lockdown with this medium considered very important as the audience can be targeted very effectively when advertising.

This includes geographical, behavioural, and demographic targeting, as well as the ability to target ‘in market’ audiences.

For example, BVOD allows you to only target the postcodes that are relevant to your business.

No need to deliver your messaging to an audience outside of your location. To some degree you are also able to apply targeting from a user’s intent, based on their browsing habits.

And if required it is a cost-effective method to target locations outside of your own state!

BVOD has turned TV advertising model into a spin!

It’s no longer about targeting a group of viewers of a specific TV show, it’s now about building a persona for each viewer.

In a data-driven world, BVOD also has the benefits of highly accurate reporting capabilities.

You can ascertain a clearer picture of the impressions, frequency, reach and more.

Of course, traditional free-to-air TV and BVOD combined can both be extremely effective.

Over 18 million Australians tune in to free-to-air TV every week, which far eclipses BVOD audience and still makes free-to-air an incredibly powerful medium.

Plus, there are currently very attractive TV opportunities, which make traditional TV far more accessible than it was pre-pandemic.

Depending on your targeted audience, traditional also has the potential to capture an older demographic who may not have made the switch to Connected TV.

The choice depends on your customer and the objectives you have for your campaign. However, BVOD is always worth considering. It’s cost effective, targeted and achieves great outcomes for our clients.

Want to get started?

At Media Marketing Group, we can arrange BVOD. We are currently working with multiple advertisers across Tasmania and mainland Australia.

If you’re a brand who is looking to gain greater exposure at a reasonable rate or an agency looking to advertise on behalf of your client. Let’s talk!