Tazzy Apps

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With our push into the digital space, MMG have pulled together our diversely talented team to create a brand that can deliver apps for small and large Tasmanian businesses.

With Tazzy Apps, MMG pushed into this space by encountering the same problem many small businesses encounter, the astronomical costs of developing a mobile app.

MMG and our partners started by researching our competition and the entry point for mobile apps. What we found is that for even the simplest of apps, the development, design and production of an app would be out of reach for most customers.

With our sales partners, we created the Tazzy Apps brand to be approachable, easy to understand and most importantly, deliver a product that most businesses can afford.

Our approach with Tazzy Apps is easy, you tell the team what you’d like, we make it happen. No complicated questions, Tazzy Apps can meet your brand where it is.

With three published apps so far, each with a different need and market, we’re growing our knowledge and expertise with app development every day.

Why not reach your mobile audience through an app? Visit the Tazzy Apps Website for more information.