Shop Tasmania

The next big thing

Shop Tasmania Website is the next big thing in Tasmania that we hatched internally here at Media Marketing Group. The website start developing at 2019 January, and launched at 2019. It's an online digital platform allow local Tasmanian shops to list and manage their deals online. 

It has a full vendor portal powered by craft CMS to allow local partners to create, disable, scheduling, their deals.

In end of 2019, it launched a vendor home page program. Allow individual vendors to have their landing page free on the website.

In the end of 2019, it had a little over 100 vendors sign up, and 300 sign up users.

Next Level of Responsiveness - colour and theme responsive

Shop Tasmania is developed using sass framework, which allows us to change theme colour and font spontaneously. 

In December 2019, a bunch of "boring" staff at our office did a make over for Shop Tasmania to make it feel more Christmas.

We are a marketing agency, our service is empowered by all of our potentials and capabilities. Our creative director and his crew created the best TVC for Shop Tasmania.