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The Numbers Are In

With the recent surge in housing demand across Tasmania, good real estate agents are in high demand. 42 Degrees understood that both home buyers and home sellers alike conduct their research online before making any investment or decision. Our developers were tasked with building a website that had modern functionality like streaming housing inventory from across Tasmania from their agents who's time was better spent out on the field then being stuck behind a computer uploading and managing digital inventory. We built a website that was capable of pulling feeds from their master inventory system allowing for the website to always be current and relevant. Inventory on the website can quickly be sorted by location, lifestyle, price and various other categories, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for and getting in contact with the listed agent.

Clever Design, Big Impact

Over 60% of internet users browse by mobile phone. At Media Marketing Group we pride ourselves on mobile first development. Bringing highly optimised websites to small devices without having to sacrifice on multimedia or functionality. Our team consulted with 42 Degrees every step of the way, ensuring each feature and design was crafted with their input. The final result speaks for itself, with the 42 degrees team having a digital business front that was able to field leads and display their inventory, realtors and Tasmanian lifestyle to potential buyers and sellers who are looking to live in this wonderful state.

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