Aurora Energy 2016-2018

Print | Digital | Identity | Signage

Media Marketing Group was contracted for two years to manage large campaigns for Aurora Energy, including their ‘Winter Campaign’ for 2017 and 2018.

Working with Aurora Energy involved designing and creating a plethora of material and developing new and engaging campaigns from concept through to completion. During the contract, we re-designed and modernised their logo, rebranded all of Aurora Energy’s external communications and set the creative framework through the Aurora Energy Style Guide. We also developed a creative strategy to communicate Aurora Energy’s winter campaign message to a large public audience via multiple media channels.

In particular, we provided a full-suite of services stretching across concept creation, graphic design, Spotify and radio production, digital banner advertising, media bookings, annual report collation, and overall strategy.

Winter Campaign 2017-2018

Our 2017-18 Winter Campaign for Aurora Energy focused on empowering the consumer by utilising the phrase ‘you have the power’ - emphasising that by simply changing their habits everyone has the power to reduce their energy use. Visuals were based on fun, icon-style imagery. This campaign centred around an informative and interactive Know Your Power mircorsite developed by our team. The site included an interactive game to help people learn useful energy saving tips. Launched at AGFEST, the campaign expanded across numerous media channels.

Winter Campaign 2016-2017

Aurora Energy’s Winter Campaign is their largest annual campaign that encourages people to save energy. Our 2016-17 campaign centred around the phrase “little changes help make a big difference” and focused on how small changes in people’s energy habits can make a difference to their energy use. This was juxtaposed with funny and quirky images and short catchy phrases to create memorable and engaging content.