Animal Tuckerbox

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Animal Tuckerbox is one of the largest pet store chains in Tasmania with over 10 stores statewide. Here at MMG, we have collaborated with Animal Tuckerbox for over a decade, helping them to transition through the ever-changing retail environment. From press ads, store signage, and multi-page catalogues; all the way through to online e-newsletters, television commercials, and their e-commerce website, we’ve been beside them all the way.

Animal Tuckerbox knows the advantage of working with a full-service marketing agency, allowing them to evolve their marketing strategies when new opportunities arise and to ensure a consistent style and voice across their different media channels.

Full Bus Wrap Design

Animal Tuckerbox came to us looking for a creative full bus wrap design. Originally looking at a large billboard style wrapping, we discussed and advised them to go bold and do something fun with the design. After showing them an initial concept of a bus filled with animals travelling to its different store locations, we were given the go ahead to create the large-scale artwork. The result was a fun and memorable design that would stick with consumers and be a talking point for those who saw it.