Digital Development

The world is at your fingertips – seriously, take a look. Our Digital Designers, Developers and Strategists understand that it takes more than just a pretty website to build your online presence.

The world is at your fingertips – seriously, take a look. Our Digital Designers, Developers and Strategists understand that it takes more than just a pretty website to build your online presence.

Strategy & Analysis

Often overlooked or rushed, learning about your industry, competitors and customers before a single line of code is written is hugely important. Having these insights allows us to design and build your services and products with impact and helps shape the direction of your brand. By creating this roadmap with you, we can identify opportunities, help set goals and maximise how far your dollar takes you. Our goal is to ensure your business flourishes under our creative guidance.

Web Design & Development

Step into the world of technical solutions, let us reveal the mystery behind the magic... or don’t. Either way, web design is near and dear to our hearts and regardless of your comfort level with our geek speak, our digital team is ready to sink their teeth into your project and bring it to life. We love technology, from handcrafted CraftCMS solutions to Wordpress E-Commerce to C# Cross platform applications. Our development team are comfortable with front-end, back-end and everything in between to give you the functionality your business needs to be great online.

Image development

Hosting & Maintenance

Our hosting solutions cater for small to medium-sized businesses and corporations. With an emphasis on providing excellent support, our hosting plans are focused on reliability and trust. We have built our digital services around our customers, and our extensive client base has allowed us to cater for a broad range of web hosting environments. To do this, we prioritise flexible and scalable Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosted in Melbourne so that you are able to find a plan that suits your needs and can rest assured that your data held securely and locally.

For large corporations especially e-commerce users, we offer you the world's largest cloud computing service - Amazon Cloud Service (AWS). Our team will design and set up your customised cloud service to fit your business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites vary depending on things such as site size and complexity. Our team of digital developers will work with you and your business closely to select the right technologies, features, design and layout. Website costs start from $3000 AUD.
It depends on size and complexity. Our average project timeline ranges from four to six weeks. This gives both you as the customer and us as designers / developers time to gather content, strategise and implement your feedback to build a custom quality web experience that reflects your business.
Yes. All website produced by Media Marketing Group are built from the ground up with responsiveness in mind. With a large proportion of website traffic coming from mobile users it is imperative that the mobile experience is as good as the desktops.
Absolutely, our talented dev team have experience with many major e-commerce content management systems (CMS) that integrate into your website. All of our e-commerce stores are built with security and functionality in mind, this ensures the customer experience is secure and easy to use. Nothing beats a store that is open 24/7.
A Content Management System (CMS) allows users to maintain content on their website using easy to use tools that abstract away the complex developer code. If you can use Microsoft Word you can use one of our content management systems. Our dev team always ensure we spend time with you at the end of the project to make sure you familiar with your site. Of course, we are always happy to give advice and help out over the phone whenever it is needed.