Search Engine Optimisation in Hobart

In sports, if you aren't first then it really doesn't matter, and the internet is no different. Instead of a pitch or a court, however, this is played out on Google's search results, of which the first page is the most crucial.

The reason why it is so crucial is fairly straightforward, and also pretty scary if you aren't there, and it is because:

  • 94% of traffic on average for any search term never go past the page one
  • Of those that do, trust in your product or service diminish as the lower pages are deemed to be of less quality
  • Websites outside the top 10 also tend to spend vastly more in digital advertising than those that do
  • These sites are also far less likely to get any traffic
  • eCommerce platforms that are not in the top ten placings will find it hard to make a sale


Fortunately, this is where search engine optimisation comes into play. A business' strongest digital tool in the shed, search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) allows for any business in Hobart or across Tasmania to crawl up the rankings to get on that oh-so critical top 10 results.

By using the tried and trusted principles which make up SEO - of which we are Hobart and Tasmania's experts in - you can rocket up the search results, and you too can be getting the kind of traffic going to your company that you want and deserve.

What is SEO?

Whilst SEO is a complex, difficult, and time consuming discipline, it can be thought of as nothing more than spinning a good yarn to Google about what it is that you do, where you are, and what you're selling.

Google's search algorithm treats each website as a story teller. The better the story, the higher up they go in the rankings. Whilst many other factors do come into play, such as UX design, responsiveness, and upholding good web principles, your site ultimately should be an effective story of who you are as a business.

Search engine optimisation goes hand in hand with this story telling component by analysing exactly what parts of your business are being looked for on Google, seeing how your story can be emphasised to cater for these searches, and then implementing techniques and tricks-of-the-trade to boost your website's searchability so that anyone in Tasmania can find you more easily.

The SEO process

Like many other forms of marketing, SEO is both a creative and a numbers game. The numbers side of it requires a great deal of analytical thinking, looking at traffic data, search query volume, as well as the content relevancy and quality of each page within your site.

Making all of these numbers work, however, is where SEO does get artistic. Quality content is hard to come by, and it requires an understanding of what works and gets attention, and a steady writing hand to make the most out of any analytical research that has occurred.

At it's core, SEO can be broken down into three key segments.


The research component behind the greater SEO process is perhaps the most important. It dictates how the next two should progress, as well as what needs to be done and how quickly to achieve the stated goals.

This SEO research will include looking into your:

  • Competitors - Looking into your competitors is vital, as it allows us to see what is missing from your digital campaign, what is missing from theirs, and how we can best consolidate this knowledge into something that will benefit you and your business.
  • Industry - We look right into the digital and marketing trends that underpin advertising in your industry or sector in Tasmania, and seek to integrate best practice into any digital SEO campaign that is undertaken.
  • Website - Your website is the heart and soul of your digital presence, and by looking into how it performs and acts, we can enhance it to its full potential, allowing it to reap the rewards from any SEO strategies implemented.
  • Analytics - The numbers behind your website go a long way into diagnosing which particular SEO strategies are not just required, but will be best suited, as well as giving us benchmarks to grow future campaigns beyond their scope.


SEO encompasses a huge range of different strategies and approaches, depending on a variety of factors including your industry, your website, and even your target audiences.

A good SEO process will be one that looks at each strategy, and selects the right ones based on the research that was conducted, and the data that it has presented.

Further revisions and enhancements on these strategies can and do occur over time, based on updates and adjustments to Google's core algorithm.


No SEO process can be considered exceptional without complete, eyes-glued-to-the-screen monitoring. Things change in the business world all the time, and your website, and that of the greater world wide web, are no different.

Concise monitoring is needed to pick up on trends, changes, and even competitors to your business to make sure that you stay ahead of the pack.

This monitoring is ongoing eternal. Even if the goal is achieved, constant monitoring must be done to ensure that any rankings or traffic gained is not rankings or traffic lost.

What you get from us

We understand the digital world, and what is needed to make any website grow, no matter what industry or sector you reside in. Our SEO team also understand Tasmania, and their local knowledge will allow you to be ahead of everyone else in Hobart, Launceston, or anywhere you are in this fine state.

You can expect from us:


We love what we do, and we love seeing results for our clients.

Our SEO gurus will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the results that you want and deserve, whilst ensuring your campaign always has our full attention.


    We've been around long enough to have seen everything.

    You can count on this expert insight working for your campaign, too, and we'll implement all of our experience and tricks of the trade solely for your benefit.


      One of the great things about SEO is that it teaches us a lot about other industries.

      As a result, you can be confident in knowing that, no matter what your business does, we'll have a fair idea on what will work best in your particular industry or sector.


        We're Tasmanian, based in Hobart and Launceston, and are here for you.

        If you have any questions, musings, or if you simply want to know how things are trekking along, we will be here - on hand - to give you the information you need.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Why do I need SEO again?

          Without SEO, the chances are that your website won't reach the top 10, and beyond the top 10, there aren't many people left over to convince that your business is worth taking a punt on.

          SEO simply makes it so that all of the information that your website contains is easily found for Google's search engine, giving you a greater chance of soaking up the thousands of searches that occur for products or services that you provide.

          Can you do local SEO?

          We sure can. Our SEO masters will be able to create a situation whereas your business will be super friendly to specific, localised searches.

          This can be anything from targeting really specific suburbs, or getting granular with reaching out to greater regions such as Hobart.

          Do you provide SEO reports?

          We do, detailed ones too, and we can provide these either monthly or quarterly, depending on what you prefer.

          Our SEO reports will cover all of the basics, plus a look into the trends and updates that affect you and your industry.

          I work in a niche industry, will SEO work for me?

          The niche-er, the better, from our point of view. We can couple up any SEO work that we're doing for you with a broader digital campaign.

          This could include a co-ordinated Google Ads campaign, an expansion of your website, or we can even chat to our radio and video buddies here at MMG to get some multi-platform content going for you.